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Bath + Body Meditation Oil

A blend of aromatherapeutic oils to deeply nourish your skin while recharging and re-calibrating your energy and mood. Available in New Moon and Rose Petal.


New Moon

Sunflower oil and essential oils of bergamot, lavender, lime, helichrysum, vanilla, frankincense, and orange are gently stimulating and deeply nourishing. Perfect for setting intentions, massage, enhanced bath, or daily meditation.


Rose Petal

Sunflower oil, rose geranium, and pink statice flowers blend together to create intoxicating aromatics that lift stress and nourish the skin. A perfume, an oil... both.


Use: Massage a small amount into skin. Best if applied directly after showering for improved absorption. Or use in the bath.


Made in United States

Bath + Body Meditation Oil

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