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Bodywork is the use of therapeutic touch (and/or movement, compression, muscle energy techniques, etc.) as a modality to reduce pain, restore mobility and manage stress, along with numerous other health benefits.



While you may realize a profoundly relaxing experience, that is not our goal: our goal is for you to experience therapeutic effects that last and that you can maintain. Our advanced training enables us to target the causes of the problems versus the symptoms. We use a blend of Western and East Asian therapeutic bodywork techniques such as trigger point myotherapy and muscle energy technique (MET) and well as simple neuro distraction and percussion (e.g., Theragun) to coax the physical body into pain free mobility.


Lazy Human’s Yoga

Adaptation of Traditional Northern-style Thai massage in which the practitioner will use compression, acupressure, movement and stretching to move your through a variety of poses that leaves you with the feeling of having completely a well-rounded yoga practice with zero effort. You will leave feeling profoundly relaxed with reduced pain and  increased mobility.


Clinical Thai Bodywork

These sessions are helpful for those who are experiencing chronic pain or mobility issues and help address various “itises”, e.g., plantar fasciitis, trochanter bursitis, sciatica, tennis elbow. These sessions require at least 90 minutes and require an initial 2 hour consultation and treatment session that includes postural and mobility assessment and treatment plan.


Sports Recovery

These abbreviated sessions are dedicated to optimize your float therapy by  spot-treating areas of chronic pain or stress in order to provide relief that allows you to settle into your float faster to soak up your Zen. Choose one of the following: serious relief for neck and shoulders, low back and hips, or legs and feet.


This work is performed through clothing on a floor mat, so you will need to be able to get up and down off the floor, but we will provide assistance if you are injured or less mobile. Please wear loose comfortable clothing—what you might wear for your regular movement/exercise practice.

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