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When you arrive for your float, you will be taken to your private prep room. Here you change out of your clothes and put in your silicone moldable earplugs, which are provided for you (you want your earplugs in BEFORE you take your pre-float shower). If you wear contact lenses, you will remove them here.


Your prep room is connected to your private float room. After securing your earplugs, taking off your clothes, and silencing your phone, head into your float room. Close the door behind you. The float room is on it's own heating and ventilation system, so we want to keep the door to the float room closed as much as possible.

Before entering the float pod, take a quick pre-float shower to remove oils and products from your skin and hair (body wash and shampoo are provided). The pre-float shower shouldn’t be too hot--the temperature of the Epsom salt water is approximately 94 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for deep relaxation. If your pre-float shower is too hot, the Epsom salt water will feel a bit cool.


After your pre-float shower, DRY OFF YOUR FACE using the rolled hand towel that is provided for you. You do not want to touch your face with salty hands during your float and going into your float with a dry face helps with this.

Step into the float pod carefully while holding onto the rim of the float pod with both hands. The Epsom salt water is a little slippery, so just move slowly and carefully. After stepping in, sit down while closing the lid (if you choose to close the lid) and then lie back. Once you lie back, you float! No effort is needed to stay afloat in this salty environment.


The float pod has interior lighting that is controlled by you using a remote that is in a water-proof pouch. You can choose to click the lights off, leave them on, dim them down, or brighten them. The float pod also has an integrated audio system. You can choose to listen to relaxing ambient music while you float, a short guided meditation, or you can float in silence. The audio track will start automatically once you get into the float pod.

Begin your float by finding a comfortable position. This might be with your arms at your side (palm ups or palms down), with your arms folded across your chest or belly, with your hands behind your head, or with your arms up in what we call “goal post position.” There is a pillow designed specifically for the float environment that you can use if you need a little extra support behind your head. Your don't need to use this pillow, but some prefer to do so.


After you find a comfortable position, try to remain still. This will keep you from bumping into the sides of the tank (it still might happen and that is fine--it's part of the experience). Being still also helps to regulate the temperature between your skin, the water, and the air. Many people report a blurring of the boundary between the skin and the water and air. However, each time you move, the Epsom salt solution might feel a little warm or a little cool in comparison. Once you remain still again, the temperature will re-regulate.


Try to relax and let go of expectations. Floating is a highly personal experience. Some people fall asleep, others enter into a deep meditative state, some notice areas of tension and practice letting that tension go, others let their minds wander and daydream, others simply enjoy the unique sensation of feeling weightless. Just remember that there is no wrong way to float, and that, over time, your floating practice will grow and evolve.

At the end of your float session, your will hear a Tibetan singing bowl and the room lights will begin to brighten to indicate that your float has come to an end. Sit up slowly being careful to not let the salt water drip into your eyes. Open the lid and then stand up carefully while holding onto the lip of the float pod with both hands. Be careful not to bump your head on the lid as you stand up. 

Step out of the float pod and onto the bath mats and then make your way to the shower. 

Please note that once you get into the float pod please do not re-enter your prep room until you have showered. This helps prevent the tracking of salt throughout the space.


After your shower, return to you private prep room and close and lock the door to the float room behind you. This will signal that the filtration and cleaning cycle can begin.


Make sure to drink lots of water post-float and to try to take it easy for the rest of the day if you can so that your mind and body can integrate the deep relaxation you experienced while floating. We provide a bottle of water for you.

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