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Sound Baths

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Oto Float has partnered with Rebel Human to bring you sound baths every Tuesday night from 7-8pm here at BackSpace at Oto Float. Spots are limited, and pre-registration is required.


A sound bath is a deeply immersive listening experience that helps bring about a meditative state. It’s a concert of sorts, but one where you lay down, get cozy, close your eyes, and listen as a sound therapist plays a collection of harmonic high-vibration singing bowls. Singing bowls have been used throughout history to aid in meditation. When “sung” they produce a rich blend of harmonic overtones that you not only hear, but feel in the body.


Rebel Human's collection of singing bowls are the highly regarded Crystal Tones singing bowls—quartz crystal fused with rare minerals, gemstones, and metals such as platinum, moldavite, gold, and copper—that have a sound like no other. People often report feeling clear headed, cleansed, and renewed as a result of this type of meditation experience. 


Click below to learn more and to register. 

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