Jenny Arrington–Wellness Advisor at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, Neurocoach, Kundalini Yoga teacher, and Co-Founder of Rebel Human–will be hosting this couples yoga workshop, which is a great alternative to your traditional date night! You DO NOT need any yoga experience to attend, as this is not your traditional yoga class. Instead Jenny and her partner Josh (owner of Temperance Beer Co. in Evanston) will guide you and your partner through a series of simple yet powerful partner poses, stretches, and breathwork exercises that are designed to strengthen communication while having fun! These partner poses provide the opportunity to overcome small challenges and delight in slowing down, communicating mindfully, and sharing together in a meaningful experience.



Applause erupted as the couple moved into Upavistha Konasana, all four legs straight, feet pressed together as they held hands and balanced. The other couples in the room clapped and smiled with the compassion of those who had, just moments earlier, wondered if they would figure out what looked and felt like a very challenging yoga pose.


Couples yoga is a perfect metaphor for relationship challenges. In every relationship there comes a time when we find ourselves in scenarios that feel uncomfortable, challenging, and seemingly impossible to overcome. In this workshop, scenarios such as these are recreated in a supportive, calm environment. Jenny shares cues to help the couple achieve poses safely, while encouraging their communication. Some of these partner poses feel insurmountable at first and people think they aren’t strong or flexible enough to do them. Their first perceptions are deceiving though because it doesn’t take brute strength or an advanced yoga practice to achieve these shapes. The key is clear communication and working together. Every time, without fail, the couples delight in what they’ve achieved after a little bit of patient communication, along with some trial and error.


Along with overcoming challenges, couples will get to explore the edges of their comfort zones in a safe, controlled environment. Fear is the catalyst for most interpersonal conflict. Our brain is wired to pay attention to fear so whenever there is a perceived threat, we often let our thoughts run away in a storm of negative thoughts. Couples Yoga allows couples to be in a safe environment while experiencing small doses of fear. Jenny is right there to help guide participants to the edge of their comfort zone so they can experience sitting with that little bit of fear and working with their partner to move through it.


As one participant shared after the workshop: “I went in tentative, unsure if I would become irritated, or if this would actually be fun for both of us. It was soooo much fun. This was a fantastic option away from the typical dinner and movie that we could do together that elevated our sense of togetherness, strategy, partnership and playfulness.”

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